Antvibes was founded out of Waterloo, ON on the principle that every person has a voice, and every voice should be heard. But we didn’t stop there. We asked, “What about businesses? What if products and services could talk?”

So today, we help companies add voice information where it counts the most – on products, labels, advertisements, at the point of sale, and wherever else it’s needed.

We think it’s time that all businesses have the opportunity to combine mobile marketing
with the power of the human voice.

Let us help your products and services find their own voice today

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Meet the Team

Teammember Vigen Nazarian
Vigen Nazarian


Teammember Sam Visaisouk
Sam Visaisouk


Teammember Karen Winter
Karen Winter


Teammember Jay Klesitz
Jay Klesitz


Teammember Jon Visaisouk
Jon Visaisouk