Audible Name Tags – ANT are a great way to share your voice and the correct pronunciation of your name. Add them to email signatures, social media networks, websites, business cards, and more to provide a personal voice introduction, even when you’re not face to face with your contact.


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How do you want to be branded? Are you looking for a job? Audible Name Tags can help you make great impressions online, before meeting someone in person. Tone of voice coupled with your personal message can relay a variety of information quickly and effectively, and allowing others to hear your voice helps create a sense of familiarity.

  • Set the tone for your personal brand. Let others know what you’re about.
  • Create familiarity and lasting impressions before meeting in person
  • Share the correct pronunciation of your name
  • Can be used in place of video resume

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Organizational diversity is increasing, largely because companies realize that a diversity of people provides a diversity of ideas and solutions which impact the bottom line. Audible Name Tags are a great way to stimulate your diversity initiatives and promote conversation amongst employees.

  • Allow employees to share the correct pronunciation of their names with each other
  • Promote group and team cohesiveness
  • Reduce barriers to employee communication.

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Is your name difficult for others to pronounce? Do you use a nickname instead of your real name? Audible Name Tags allow you to politely communicate the correct pronunciation of your name to others, and guide people toward the use of your real name.

  • Convey the pronunciation of your name without having to “correct” people
  • Great for networking and social media sites
  • Reduce apprehension for those reaching out to you